Kaliz Facial Steamer - Give Your Face A Lift.KFS-001

Kaliz Facial Steamer - Give Your Face A Lift.KFS-001
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Kaliz Facial Steamer - Give Your Face A Lift.

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Kaliz Facial Steamer - Give Your Face a Lift.


It is a mini size vapour streamer;
This vapour streamer with ozone function; with nice design.
It is easy to use
We import the stainless resistance;
Europ water level probe;                                     
With protection cover outside of water glass;
With Ozone function, efficiently for sterilizing;
Vapour is much more than others;
With mini size design, easy to use, and its stable style is specially for personal home use.

Kaliz facial Steamer gives you soft steam which you want no worry about weather beacuse its designed for all weather it protect your face with mask n after some time you fell relax & your face looks too fresh. Soft Steam gives you required soft steam for synes relief in dry and cold weather. Comfortable mask perfectly fit on you face give you required steam. Automatically shut off when water tank empty. Transparent HUD, New Control system, Night Light, Eclair-age nocturne, 7 Hour continue steam for professional use with time and quality scale.

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